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Top Frequently Asked Questions on Eva

Getting Started

Take your first step to get started with Eva

KYC/ Identity Verification

All the details about verifying your Identity on Eva

Deposits/ Withdrawals/ Bank Transfer

Get all the details on Depositing funds to Eva, Withdrawals and Instant Bank Transfer

Using Blockchain Wallets

Learn about how to Store Crypto to your Blockchain Wallet on Eva

Buy/ Sell on Eva - Exchange

Learn how to Buy and Sell Crypto/ Digital Assets on Eva


Discover all the details about how to sell your Giftcards on Eva


Tips on how you can keep your cryptocurrency, digital assets safe with Eva.


All details from the introduction about crypto, announcements, and articles are updated here.


How to Buy Airtime, Buy Internet Data, Pay for Electricity Bill and TV Subscription on Eva

Eva Debit Card

Discover all the details about managing, requesting your Eva Debit Cards


Learn how to use your Eva Account to send SMS instantly to any mobile number in Nigeria. Promotions

Learn all the promotions currently running and how you can participate on them.